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Taking My Patron Seriously

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

St. Matthew the Apostle was an evangelist, he was also a Tax Collector for the Roman Empire. Matthew was called by Jesus of Nazareth to trust him on a faithful journey of rediscovering the purpose and mission of the Kingdom of God.

I have spent a good chunk of time with the scripture cycle followed by most Christian Churches, my view and belief in the person of Jesus, the eternal anointing of Him as the Christ, and my faithful ministry as one of God's music makers leads me to share my heart and mind around this life of faith as a Catholic.

What you and I have in common is that we are both thirsty. We are thirsty for more in this life than stairing at our cell phone, or running around from point A to point B. We desire relationships as we have become islands of humanity floating around with no real connection. I promise you this, the connection of human to human is REAL. The dwelling of God is in our very being (Revelation 21) and we would be ashamed if we stood before God at the end of time and all we could offer the endless universe is,"I did well for myself."

St. Matthew was likely pretty wealthy. He was a tax collector afterall! He did have a brave soul empowered by Jesus. He was human, he was real, he was a historian, he was an evangelist, and I share many of these qualities with my patron saint. So a blog only seems natural.

Now, onward to the kingdom!

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