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A Different Kind of King

How do you view royalty?

It's unusual for us to think about here in the United States because our leaders get elected through a democratic process. Bloodlines have very little to do with leadership in this nation, but that's not the case in Jesus' time.

Jesus was a son of King David, Descended through 40 generations to the point of near obscurity. Jesus was a King in a way we Americans might appreciate and example from more than that of David, or George III or one day William, future King of England.

Jesus doesn't have an army. Well, actually, he does! You and I make up the fiercest spiritual warriors on the planet. We pray each day, and we do battle with the evils that tempt us, we have strength in numbers and in the spirit. Nevermind. Jesus has an army of 1.2 billion people, TAKE THAT CHINA!

But we don't fight as armies do. We fight in paradoxical ways. Our ammunition is prayer; our weapons are water and oil; our creed is our allegiance and belief. Believe it or not, our nuclear level weapon is mercy.

Christ was not wealthy. His riches involved wisdom and mercy. His richness comes from the love our souls ache for in knowing Him and witnessing Him in our neighbors. That's unparalleled wealth.

Jesus rules with the authority of absolute truth. No other king has raised himself from the dead. No other king has commanded a fig tree to wither and die instantly merely because it bore no fruit. No other king trusts his people as much as Jesus does. Jesus came not as God for the dead, but God for the living.

What king would use the most heinous instrument of death to become a symbol of hope? Certainly not one limited by our world alone. The kind of symbolic power that the Cross generates is universal now across the globe.

For all these reasons and more, let all creation cry out in joy to the cosmic and eternal Christ, King of the Universe.

(Our Prelude this weekend)



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