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Matt Maus is an Online Missionary, Fitness Coach, and Music Minister who is sharing the journey of Faith, Fitness, and loving life!

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My Birthday Gift to You!

Today I gift to you a Sample workout of my next fitness endeavor. Its a program I have done before but not everyone has had access to it

Why Boxing? NEW 10 Rounds Workout

It's fun! The rounds just fly by. -It is more than just throwing punches, there are footwork combinations and weights to build muscle. -It

Health Thoughts- Be Like a Tree

I see so many posts from people my age saying how old they feel... There's no mystery here, but I wanted to lay it out there for people....

Straight Forward Plan

There is a lot of mysticism, cynicism, pessimism, and other sorts of "ism's" that prevent people from achieving their healthy goals. Let...

"(You've) Got the Power!"

Say it with me! The choices I make decide if I am happy or sad. The choices that I make affect myself first, and then they affect...

My Lent Was Good For My Physique!

This is going to be a short and sweet punch in the gut (I hope)! For the last 8 weeks, I have done a combination of heavy weight training...

Why I call myself an online missionary

It used to be that a missionary had to go to the far reaches of the globe to reach people. We used to think that missionary work is only...

Integrity is Proof of Experience

One of my great passions in life is health. See, all throughout my 20's I spent time and money getting fat! I'm serious. I had a steady...

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God lead me to two missions in life:

The first mission is Music Ministry in the Catholic Tradition. I began singing for the Church at age 15, and now nearly 20 years later I have become familiar with the Scriptures and music associated with the Catholic Lifestyle. I'll share my thoughts, reflections, and various topics surrounding this ministry in hopes of building an online community where we can feel a life of love, happiness, and empowerment.

The second mission is health. I started a struggling journey with weight loss in 2010 and succeeded in reaching my goal three months later. It was an amazing and crazy experience. The pilgrimage continues all these years later, and I hope to share what has helped me stay so fit and improve my health over the years. I also hope to help people in this way of life as a mentor, friend, cheerleader, and coach.  

Thank you for spending some time here. 

-Matt Maus 

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