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Talent Schmalent- 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The point of this weekend's Gospel is pretty straightforward- Invest in the right things and get the just rewards.

When we hear about talents in the parable, we aren't talking about one's ability to sing or write. We are discussing taking whatever God has given you and making the most of it. A good example is what Proverbs presents to us in this passage from Chapter 31. The woman of good worth demonstrates how we can invest in what we have to make the most of life. If you need a better example of what living out God's grace is all about, look no further than Proverbs 31.

So let me steer this in a different direction. I'll be direct. What have you been doing to deepen your worth? I don't mean money; I don't even mean esteem from peers or family. I am suggesting, what have you done recently to invest in yourself?

Some examples:

Have you sat down with the sacred scriptures and tried to absorb what God's Holy message is telling you?

Have you gotten enough sleep?

Have you played with your children?

See, each of these things is "talent," and the interesting thing is they all come in the very biblically principled series of three.

3 Meals a day, a Warm-up-exercise-cooldown, Morning play, naptime play, after-dinner play. Sleep is a little more tricky, but all are trinitarian in their focus. That's not by accident!

When you invest in such talents as these, you see that your self-care becomes a blessing to others. You cook better food for your family. You feel happier from all those endorphins that course through your body after exercise. And who couldn't benefit from everyone being a bit more rested?

In this era of pandemic living where we find ourselves shut off from personal interaction. Turning toward how our internal actions can help those in our immediate sphere of the home might be the best way to multiply your talents. I can't be certain, but none of these ideas would do any harm. I've been enjoying playing with my kids. Doing projects with my wife. Watching T.V., Cooking meals at home, and attempting to sleep 7-8 hours each night.

Maybe taking the parable to heart, learning from the Woman of worth in Proverbs, and heeding Paul's message in the second reading, then we will have plenty of multiplied talent to offer the Master when He returns.

If you need help with any of the above things (Read: Exercise or Nutrition). Head on over to my Fitness Mission page and check out what I have to offer there. If you need something more specific OR, if it please you, we can come up with some personalized recommendations, E-mail Me- Subject: Getting Started.



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