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My Birthday Gift to You!

It's my birthday. So I am giving you a gift!

Today I gift to you a Sample workout of my next fitness endeavor. Its a program I have done before but not everyone has had access to it before September of this year.

Shadow-boxing is the perfect type of HIIT workout to absolutely crank up your metabolism. It is also just a blast to throw punches and move around the room. So give this sample a try. Oh, and take it at your own pace; you don't need to overdo it when the bell rings.

If you liked that, Sign-up for Beachbody On Demand and join my September accountability group. I'm focusing on 10 rounds as our lense for fitness, and you can start this program at any fitness level. 10 Rounds will join the member library on August 31st and for the rest of 2020 and most of 2021, you will have access to the entire catalog of programing I've used for the past decade to lose weight, stay fit, and eat well!

Who's ready to step into the ring?!?!

Here's to another 36 years of good living!



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