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NERD ALERT-Beat this thing with a K.O.

Look, you have all the things it takes to stay healthy during this pandemic. I am not a doctor, but I do love reading research articles by doctors who know their stuff. Especially when the science is there to back them up.

Essentially, regular exercise will circulate your lymphatic system (read, first-line immune defense because your lymph system is NOTHING like your circulatory system. Your lymph requires your movement to circulate. So how else might those helper cells activate and circulate to recruit more T cells to fight off an invading pathogen? The simple answer is, they don't!

If you don't believe me, here's actual research on the topic.

Additionally, regular exercise helps regulate mood! So while we are all depressed and missing our friends and family, we can physically do something to help our mood. EXERCISE!

Added to that, a structured nutrition plan also boosts immunity. This study from 1986 links the response of proper nutrition to fighting off disease.

If malnourished kids fight disease better with just a bit of boosted nutrition, you and I can CRUSH this Pandemic virus with some simple ingredients and quality time in the kitchen. Plus you have nothing better to do than learn how to cook, right?

If you want to really supercharge your efforts, just take a little vitamin D during the wintertime or while you're quarantined. This study by a well-cited researcher from the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute in London, UK highlights how a simple $3 bottle of vitamin D tablets could help defend against any number of upper respiratory illnesses. Now, that's not to say this is absolutely effective against COVID-19, but it can't really hurt in doses around 8ooiu every few days. BONUS Vitamin D is incredible for bone health.

Now, I want to point out a few of the tools that I'm currently using to combat my social distancing anxiety.

1. Online exercise in my home- There's some preliminary research that increases the respiratory rate of someone who might be asymptomatic could actually be a source for super spreading the COVID-19 virus. Now, I don' know that for sure (again, I'm not a doctor) but if the study I cited at the beginning about movement is any indicator; ISOLATED activity would be a better benefit than a gym or class setting without spreading the disease further outside your quarantined home.

So I have been following a brand new Boxing workout that I absolutely love more than I would have thought! It's 5 days each week, 3 of which are shadowboxing rounds, and 2 of which are lifting and cardio conditioning days. Talk about lymph circulation! Take a look at the program HERE.

2. Nutrition planning- I have been basically following the same nutrition plan for the past 3 years. It involves measuring out my food portions and knowing where my limits are because I am impulsive. Thankfully, this new program utilizes the same tools and adds a nutrition tracking app to help stay accountable. But I'm not limited in the way you might think. you might want to drop me an email and get some info about that. The tracking system is built into our Online programming!

Right now, I am taking an additional 400iu of Vitamin D each day until I can spend some more time in the sun in a few weeks/months. It's not "Special" Vitamin D, and you probably already have enough in your multi-vitamin if you're taking one. ,

3. Online community- There are about 70ish people who check out my Instagram and Facebook stories each day. I really only post my exercise there and maybe a cute picture of my kids once in a while, but that tells me they're watching and expecting me to stay on track.

A side note about that- I feel like those 70 people and I should take our relationship to the next level. Instead of being a voyeur and watching me every day, Let's log on to a group chat and press play at the same time to workout together VIRTUALLY! I think it would be a blast! Plus, I know there are people in my meager audience who could probably out punch me... but we will never know if they don't try!

So look at the scientific evidence I present you. Then look at the tools I'm using to keep myself stable and know they are tools I've been using for a decade of healthy living after an initial Fifty-pound weight loss.

If you're ready to meet up for a little boxing action, fill out the applicaiton below.

Together, we've got this!



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