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All souls, all saints, the great cloud of witnesses- a personal account.

The Catholic Church celebrated All Saints and All Souls November 1st and 2nd. We believe that all our faithful departed are present with us at every Mass not in spirit, but in reality on the heaven side of our earthly mission.

My distinct vantage point near the front of the assembly has offered me a view unparalleled of the faithfully assembled for Mass and there's something mystical that happens.

From across the vast Church at 4pm Mass there is a young man who, from a distsnce, could dopplegang for my friends son who died from fentynal poisoning. It's uncanny!

Just a bit further down the aisle, there's a young man attach to his medical equipment. He is a shining image of another man who had similar crosses and blessings to share, and the man in my mind passed away several years ago. But there is is still with us.

There's a gentleman who sits across the way from the cantor area, his face from a distance looks like my dad. I do a double take every time I see him. Up close, there is no resemblance and that brings me comfort I didn't know I needed. Yet, seeing that distance and knowing the vastness between me and my dad now is somehow incredible.

These are just a few moments of the great cloud of witnesses that surround my journey in this life. I ask that anyone take a look around the church, see who is there, and realize who is also there with you.

The Eucharistic Prayer brings heaven and earth together. We merge universes and for a moment we harness eternity. For those in eternity, it's a moment of solidarity with us. Alleluia!

How beautiful that these saints are present always. They pray for us, as we pray for them and that cycle is incredibly powerful.

All you holy men and women pray for us.



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