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Lectio thoughts- John 16:5-11

If you've noticed, all the daily goals lately point toward Jesus' ascension. He is preparing the apostles for what comes next while simultaneously validating their feelings of grief and anxiety.

The last line of today's passage caught my mind. " The ruler of this world has been condemned." Reminding us of who pulls the strings on Earth, and that is Satan.

If you're like me, you don't give the devil much thought all that often, but today, I find myself thinking about the fallen one. I try not to think about an evil spirit moving about the world and causing trouble.

But here's the reality. Pay attention to the news, and what do you learn?

A gun owner killed many people- that's the devil at work.

A war is raging in Ukraine, Sudan, and many other places - that's the devil seducing people with false power.

A senator is caught in a scandal- yep. Devil.

I could go on and on, so instead, let's pause. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit, allowing us to weave between the Devil's work and trip him up. Does he still get a piece of us once in a while? Yeah, that's inevitable in a fight.

So lean into the Holy Spirit and see what stirs in you. Maybe your mustard seed of faith can grow into a giant tree and keep this world from falling entirely from God's grace.

I'll let you in on a secret: The Mass keeps this world from falling completely. We know this by listening to the words of any of the Eucharistic Prayers. Don't believe me? Pay attention and see where you find that Truth.

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