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All Saints Day.

I spent my entire day on Friday editing a video for our parish Youtube Channel to honor our deceased parishioners who passed during the last year.

This remembrance is usual offered during a Mass, but my friends and coworkers helped bring the music to life.

In this process I thought about all the saints we pray to who may know our challenges or embolden our strengths. Today I make a public prayer to St. Matthew the Evangelist who may bring forth a deeply held desire I have for building God's kingdom.

St. Matthew the evangelist,

Guide us to the words we need to express our deeply held faith in Christ.

Give us the blessing of strength to embrace the joy of the Gospel.

Sharpen our gifts through your guiding hand to make our voices the voice of God in this broken world.

We ask this through your intercession and by the glory of Jesus' name. Amen.

All you holy men and women pray for us.



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