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How Trusting are you?- Lent 2A

I was traveling to visit family over the weekend so I'll be brief.

Jesus, Abram, the Psalmist, and Paul all tell us the same thing in 3 different ways.

The gist is: Place your trust in God.

Abram- did as the Lord instructed.

Psalmist- we place our trust in You

Paul- God, will guide you, trust the gifts he gives you

Jesus- You've seen what God promised, now be firm in your belief.

All are a good reminder this second week of Lent. The temptations to give in on our Lenten penance's might be intense, heck, I've failed at mine this week! Yet, I know if I and we surrender to God's will, great things will happen. Abram rose the Israelites, Paul shepherds us to this very day, and Jesus continually shows us the way to a fulfilled life in God's love.

I'm going to focus on Paul for just a bit longer.

He makes a good point in telling us our God-given gifts are precisely how we surmount any challenge. Your unique soul provides the tools necessary to accomplish great works, but we can only unearth them if we place trust in God alone through Christ Jesus. He shows us he's legit over and over again, that kind of integrity is rare, and not even crumbling on an excruciating cross is even more remarkable. Your personal skill and spiritual will allow you to overcome nearly anything the world might throw at you!

But Paul also keeps pointing out that Jesus rose from the dead, and that it wasn't just a miracle, it's beyond understanding. We grapple with that paradox of death, becoming a source of everlasting life and love every day.

So TRUST in God as the Apostles did at the transfiguration. Jesus proved to the devil that he was the real deal, then God reveals himself in the witness is Moses and Elijah. The good Jews that the Apostles were cemented their trust in God and seeded a Church that has billions of people.

If they can do that, we'll, you and I can be just as effective.

Do you trust God that much? Don't worry, I struggle too.



Here's a song to meditate on as you absorb the readings from today. ( Very Choral sounding)

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