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Pastoral Thoughts- Holy Thursday

Each year we come to the feast that commemorates our institution of the Eucharist. We experience servant leadership in the washing of the feet, and we process the blessed sacrament to a holy place outside of the sanctuary. 

My two favorite parts of Holy Thursday are Foot washing and the transfer of the Eucharist. Allow me to explain why.

In the Gospel of St. John there is no Eucharistic narrative of bread and wine. We only hear the story of the washing of the feet. I believe that John's interpretation of Eucharist is in this action. Bowing to others in a pure work of care to build the kingdom is precisely the command Jesus gives us over and over throughout the Gospel. 

This year, we have a theme surrounding our Wednesday night Table prayer that set the tone for our Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper.

This theme evokes the power and innocence of Christ and His role as a Servant Leader.

The other action that speaks volumes is the transference of the Eucharist to the chapel of repose. Sacred symbology for a holy moment when the crowd took Christ from the Garden after the first instance of communion. He gave himself over to the authorities, and we are left to keep watch.


Each year as I prepare the Church for these highest of holy days, I feel like the disciples of the Gospel whom Jesus sent before the 12 to ready the Passover feast. This thought occurs to me every time I set up for Mass, but on this feast day where we move the blessed sacrament to a place of repose. Then we chant a hymn written in the 13th Century.

​​ It's not fancy, it's not flashy, and in perspective, to the way Jesus ministered. It is the perfect way for us to enter into the mystery of death and resurrection. 

Soli Deo Gloria


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Matt Maus
Matt Maus
Apr 18, 2019

It's Olive Bread.


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