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12 years and counting- My journey maintaining a 60-pound weight loss.

On this day, January 25th, in the year 2010 I began my journey of losing 60 pounds. I am sad today as I can barely walk without pain due to an injury to my sciatic nerve and knotting of my glutes, but needless to say, the anniversary is worth noting. Worth it because it keeps my resolve from waining.

Today hits differently too because I have walked away from Beachbody entirely. A year ago, I proclaimed myself to be a lifelong Team-Beachbody member. after 11 years utilizing their tools and business, that seemed like a safe assertion. But some things rapidly changed my heart. This pandemic has done a number on causing division among those of us who promote health-conscious living. Allow me to explain:

Too many of the Coaches in Beachbody's network have sunk into a state of believing they can control their health enough to resist the Pandemic virus. Being married to a doctor of immunology, my understanding is the immune system cannot beat a pathogen (virus) it has not encountered before. Sickness is what follows and recovery or death are the subsequent results. I saw mentor after mentor aggressively repudiate the public health recommendations needed to defeat the viral spread. Now, please don't misunderstand, living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy body can give you an edge in enduring this pandemic virus but nothing short of a vaccine can prevent you from dire consequences. With breakthrough infections happening thanks to the latest variant, severeness of illness varies greatly between those who have been immunized and those who are going through it naturally. The latter group is not fairing too well according to the hospitalization numbers and demographics within. The noise of these health warriors who are waging war against the common sense practices to keep our communities safe

The current model at Beachbody is not only paying for a year-long membership to their library of programs containing those three tools but also opting to use any number of their supplements (not really an option if you're a coach). On top of those costs, there is their new interactive format born from the stay-at-home nature of pandemic life. It had become too expensive when you look at the desire for the latest and greatest. When I began my weight loss process, I had three tools: 1. A scientifically proven workout plan. 2. A Scientifically backed safe nutrition plan. 3. An Accountability plan.

That was it! No supplements, no extra products, just me, some weights, and a mindset change.

The bottom line for me as a coach was seeing those expenses being an obstacle to others, as well as my money going toward business owners (read: upline coaches) who are causing too much distrust of public health mandates. There is a lot wrong with how we do healthcare in this country, but coaches dying on a hill over a relatively harmless vaccine or a completely harmless facemask are not people who I wish to support with my dollars.

So here I am today weighing in at 178 pounds, down from my initial 239 pounds 12 years ago. I have found new programing I prefer to use for my exercise. My nutrition has been consistent and healthy for over a decade, so those things haven't changed. The community I've transitioned away from my first fitness love is more kind and nowhere near as toxic as the online structure I previously engaged in.

While I am still here working on staying consistent and enjoying the fruits of my efforts, I sincerely wish you the motivation and determination to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

My passion for helping others is still there, and honestly, I don't need to earn anything from you to offer those insights or motivations. But if I can be of any help, please feel free to reach out.

I look forward to what 2022 might bring. Right now, hopefully some healing and a stronger comeback.



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