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Straight Forward Plan

There is a lot of mysticism, cynicism, pessimism, and other sorts of "ism's" that prevent people from achieving their healthy goals. Let me demystify this for you in a short, sweet, to the point post. Ready? GO!

1. Pick a plan-

You need to follow a prescription if you are serious about weight-loss or getting in shape. It really is a fool proof strategy to have a plan. I have trusted a majority of these plans and I am currently doing a hybrid of two programs that is working GREAT! See that picture with the blue logo, that's it! GO! Find your plan! (click)

2. Choose your eating method-

Honestly, 80% of the results you want are in the food you eat. Wanna drop weight or buff up, Look at your plate. You can choose the External Limits method, or Internal Limits method, but you NEED to follow a systematic plan that allows you to LIVE and doesn't restrict you from enjoying a cookie or cocktail. That would be just silly. To check out these nutrition only based options, Here again is a link to the External limits plan* or Internal Limit's plan**. BOTH WORK! If you need an idea of how many calories you should be eating

3. Don't get caught up on all the "extra's"-

Look, I sell Beachbody products... But ONLY THE ONES YOU WANT! I never used Shakeology when I dropped 50 pounds, the stuff didn't exist yet in 2010! I didn't use any supplements until I got serious about buffing up and leaning out so I regard those things as luxury items; certainly not needs to get you on the right path of health. Plus, you have to see results FIRST before you desire MORE PROGRESS. At least, that's how I wanted to try and now love these things.

Progress is earned through determination.

All you need is what I mentioned in #1 and #2. If you WANT those other things like a pre-workout energize formula that is truly awesome and SAFE, or a post workout shot of protein formulated to help with muscle soreness, I'll swear by those things from this brand. DON'T Be fooled, all you really need is good nutrition and good exercise and you'll get 90% of your progress achieved that way.

Ok, to get you over your excuses let me re-frame some thoughts for you.

"I don't have the time."- Sure! You're busy scrolling social media and reading blog posts (HA!) but honestly, you could take 30 of those minutes and exercise each day, Add 15 minutes to that and get your nutrition right each day and BOOM it is accomplished, add in a shower and you're talking 1 full hour of your day MAX! You have that, make it a priority.

"I don't have the money."- Sure! We are all broke because of... well... life. So allow me to point out that the cost of a program is $1.99/ week. Groceries will run you $40-75 a week if you're feeding a few people besides yourself. (You're doing that anyway so why not make healthier alternatives to favorites). Money is something we can always generate more of if we are willing to put some effort into it. Look, if your money isn't going to buy you a healthier life, its not worth earning in my opinion.

"I don't want to buy into this whole thing."- Fair enough! I'll promise you this. You can order whatever you think you need and I won't hound you for more. You're buying the same programs that got my results. If you asked me all those years ago how I did my transformation, I would have gladly given you the link to order a DVD and try it yourself before I earned any kind of commission. If you were to ask me to give you all the information you need to succeed simply PAY ATTENTION I'm giving it away all the time. I don't care one Iota about a "Downline" SCREW THAT CRAP! The only desire I have is for you to be free of health concerns that are within your control.

What I don't want- I don't want to hold your hand. You need to learn these skills for yourself. I'll be there to answer questions and provide ideas, but I am NOT going to pester you constantly. I trust you'll do what you need to do and if you don't, that's NOT my problem. However, I do encourage you to take the process seriously and trust it fully. THE PROCESS WORKS!

I lowered my Cholesterol and Blood Pressure NATURALLY!

* External limits use containers to measure calories and food groups- see video below

** Internal Limits uses a plate visualization to measure calories and food groups.- see video below

So there you have it! A straight forward No B.S. outline of what it will take to get your health goals on track. The question you MUST ask yourself is- Am I ready to make my health a priority?

Gosh, I pray you say, "yes!" Your life is so worth all the effort it may take. I believe in you!



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